Cummins series genset 20KW-1500KW
Benz series Genset 570KW-2200KW
Volvo series Genset 68KW-500KW
Daewoo series Genset 220KW-550KW
Weichai series Genset 20KW-200KW
Shangchai series Genset 50KW-500KW
MWM series Genset 400KW-1600KW
Jichai series Genset 800KW-2000KW
Wudong series Genset 200KW-600KW
Tongchai series Genset 150KW-600KW
Soundproof type Genset 15KW-2000KW
Automatic type genset 15KW-2000KW
Mobile power station 15KW-2000KW
Marine generator set
Gas Generator Set
Clutch and generators
Small generators 5KW-15KW
Gasoline Generator 1KW-6KW
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Fax:+86 0536-8235905 8228717
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Service:+86 0536-7599876 
Support:+86 13335258000 (Mr.Zhu)

Presales service
  To assist customers in selecting generator set’s capacity, function and type according to customers’ detailed conditions;
  To offer suggestions concerning generator room’s design and generator installation according to users’ detailed conditions;
  To meet users’ different requirements for special design, and offer professional services like functional upgrade & reconstruction of generator sets (excluding standard generator set) like automatized generator set, low-noise generator set, trailer power station, tank-type power station, full automatic combined generator set, power distribution equipment, and existing generator set.
Random and site service
  To provide complete instruction manual for the entire system at random;
  To provide technical instruction for generator set’s installation and utilization, including installation suggestions and electric connection;
  To conduct commissioning to generator set and site training to users, as well as assist users in bettering examination & acceptance work.
After-sales service
  To direct daily maintenance without charge;
  To resolve customers’ hard nuts in using course, and offer relevant technical support;
  To provide end users with computer-based file, tracking service, periodical patrol inspection, and lifelong maintenance;
  After receiving the feedback on quality problems from users, we will make response immediately or arrange after-sales service personnel to resolve problems on site, in an effort to provide satisfying service for the users;
  We provide quality spare parts all the year round, and the maintenance engineers can offer technical support at any time.


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