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Self-produced brushless generator

Main technical parameters

HL series A.C Brushless Synchronous Generator is a power generator of new generation manufactured by Shandong Wenshang Huali Generator Plant. which combines the state-of -the art generator manufacturing technology in the world introduced by our company and the optimum design.Additionally, it is made out of domestic and oversea high-level quality materials. The generator boasts artistic appearance and advanced structure, featuing in compact, light body and extremely reliable with its electrical performance and best capability of matching to the engine, applicable to work together with various domestic and oversea diesel engine model to form fixed or mobile power station, which, consequentially, becomes an ideal choice  for the power supply applications used in such places like hotels, department stores, airports, becomes an ideal choice for the power supply vessels.


HL series A.C brushless synchronous generator consists of main generator, excitation and excitation controlling system AVR. It’s of steel plate structure. The stator and rotor are made of highly magnetic conductive cold-rolled silicon steel plate via punching it into whole circles, pack compression and welding, besides the whole salient rotors are equipped with damp windings and the insulation grade is designed to H so all of the windings are used H grade insulating materials. The mainframe magnetic field winding adopts thermal solid epoxy glue to stuff, so that the generator has highly electric and mechanical intensity with perfect cooling effect. All of the rotors have damp winding and the ones of generator have passed dynamic balance test. Double bearing generators are equipped with a C-plate key corrected dynamic balance; Main stator and exciter windings are vacuum varnished.
   The basic protection grade for land-use is IP21. IP22 is available, too.   And the shell protection grade is IP23.
   HL Series can provide single or double bearing generator. The single bearing construction is standard SAE transition sleeves and disc couplings with many optional specifications, which can meet various installation requirements of prime movers. The connection between single bearing and prime mover is flexible to make the installing more easily.
   The outlet cabinet of HL series generator is made of thin steel sheet with voltage regulator board and terminal device in disassemble mode. As a result, the outlet cabinet is easy to install and operate. The mainframe stator have 12 or 24 leading wires which should be reconnected according to the wiring mode to obtain the various voltage required by different areas.
   The air filters, space heaters and other equipments may be installed according to certain requirements.
  Basic parameter
   1. Height above sea level≤1000m;
   2. The highest ambient atmosphere temperature≤40℃;
   3. Rated frequency:50Hz(60Hz);
   4. Rated voltage:400V(480V);
   5 Rated power factor: COSφ=0.8(lag)
   6. The ambient temperature of marine generators is ≤45℃, air relative humidity is 95% and still with dewing, tilting , rocking and oil mist as well as the salt spraying when the ship is navigating.
 Electric performance
   1. Voltage setting range≥±5%UN;
   2. Steady-state voltage regulating rate:±0.5%;
   3. Instantaneous voltage regulating rate:85%—120%UN,and resuming time is no more than 0.5s;
   4. Line voltage waveform sine distortion factor:≤3%;
   5. Short circuit maintained current 300% IN, 2 seconds;
   6. Large scope of application for non-linear load;
   7. Strong capability of start motor;
   8. The generator can operate in parallel connection.
  Advantages: HL series A.C Brushless Synchronous Generator adopts special winding with low sine distortion rate of line voltage waveform and high efficiency, can be used as sine wave power supply in special occasions.

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