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soundproof type genset (15KW-2000KW)

Main technical parameters

Low-noise generators factory is the introduction of foreign advanced technology and low noise generation unit from the development of new products, the use of advanced technology and noise-reducing materials to create a new type of low noise generation units, in line with national standards and other related GB/T2820-1997 , Is widely used in postal, telecommunications, hotels, hotels, entertainment, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings, such as noise on the strict requirements of the place.

The main features: the city adapt to the requirements of environmental protection, run-time low noise; general unit noise can be reduced to 75db (A) (L-P7m measured); ultra-low-noise units of up to 73db (A) (L-P7m measured); car Low-power station equipped with anti-noise sound Xiangti, good ventilation and prevent heat radiation measures to ensure that the crew always work in an environment of temperature; double-chassis design, large-capacity fuel tank can run the unit in a row for 8 hours; Vibration Reduction Unit to ensure effective measures to balance the run; scientific theory of human nature and design, user-friendly operation and observation unit to run the state.

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