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No-power collection generator sets (200KW-600KW)

Main technical parameters
ModelGenerator set power
Diesel engine modelBrand
Diesel Power
Number of oil cylinderCylinder diameter
Driving distance
Consumption of diesel oil
Outer dimension
Net weight
HL200220200360WD129TAD23LNo action million Di235613515021331002970×1050×1750
HL2202502201.8WD129TAD25LNo action million Di284613515021331503000×1150×1780
HL280300280504WD145TAD30LNo action million Di340613816021332003105×1150×1780
HL320350320576WD269TD35No action million Di3881213815021339503700×1670×1950
HL400440400720WD269TAD43LNo action million Di4751213815021343003750×1750×1970
HL450470450810WD269TAD45LNo action million Di5121213815021743503780×1720×1950
HL550590550990WD287TAD58No action million Di6471213816021745703850×1780×2000
HL6006606001080WD278TAD61No action million Di6801213816021746503950×1780×2050

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