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Volvo series gensets (68KW-500KW)

This engine is from Volvo Penta which is set up in 1927 in Sweden, Volvo Penta has became one of the three world-leading supplier of engine in the world ,the largest industry group in North Europe. Volvo diesel engine is built based on decades of experience and advanced technology.

Volvo diesel engine’s perfect performance is in competitive fuel consumption and low emission. They are designed and precision-built to meet the high demands concerning reliability, durability and operating economy.

We use the brushless alternator which is produced by the world famous Cummins Generator Technologies . STAMFORD alternators are provided with a 2/3 winding pitch as standard, and therefore perfectly suited to installations with distorting loads. It is compatible with engine drive systems, whether in regard to electrical power, torsional compatibility, coupling characteristics or dynamic operation in conjunction with the engine.

Main technical parameters
Generator set power
 Diesel engine modelBrandPower
Number of oil cylinderCylinder  diameter
Driving distance
Consumption of diesel oil
Outer dimension
Net weight
HL687568122.4 TD520GEVOLVO8541081302132080×680×14501070
HL808880144 TAD531GEVOLVO10241081302062080×680×14501130
HL100115100180 TD532GEVOLVO12861081302112350×750×14501365
HL120133120216 TAD731GEVOLVO15361081301972400×870×14501399
HL150164150270 TAD732GEVOLVO17961081302042550×1050×15001410
HL165181165297 TAD733GEVOLVO19761081302052550×1050×15001480
HL200220200360 TAD734GEVOLVO24561081302052800×1120×15951860
HL260286260468 TAD941GEVOLVO30861201382022950×1120×15952510
HL300330300540 TAD1241GEVOLVO35561311501983100×1040×15902690
HL330361330594 TAD1242GEVOLVO38761311501993100×1040×15903100
HL360404360648 TAD1640GEVOLVO43261441651943300×1160×18813200
HL400445400720 TAD1641GRVOLVO47361441651983300×1160×18813300
HL450502450810 TAD1642GEVOLVO53661441652003300×1160×18813618
HL500550500900 TWD1643GEVOLVO59661441652013400×1350×15604050

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